A misconfgured Mongo-hosted database exposed data on more than 31 million Ai.Type users

Data on 31 million users leaked by smartphone keyboard app
by Teri Robinson, Executive Editor
December 05, 2017

After the developer of virtual keyboard app Ai.Type left a 577GB Mongo-hosted database unsecured, personal data on more than 31 million customers was exposed to anyone who has an internet connection, according to a blog post by Kromtech Security Center whose researchers discovered the leaky database.

Information exposed included phone numbers, owners’ names, devices, mobile networks, SMS numbers, email addresses, data associated with social media accounts and more, researchers discovered.

“This also exposed just how much data they access and how they obtain a treasure trove of data that average users do not expect to be extracted or datamined from their phone or tablet,” according to the blog post.

READ MORE: https://www.scmagazine.com/data-on-31-million-users-leaked-by-smartphone-keyboard-app/article/712137/

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